5 tips: How to make your Black Friday SMS campaign a success

Make sure your Black Friday SMS messages engage your customers

Every year, the week around the Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is one of the times when SMS sending in businesses surges. In our opinion this is not really surprising, because SMS marketing can help retailers and online stores achieve particularly high sales figures, especially on Black Friday. The personal touch of SMS is one of the biggest advantages – but also the especially high and fast opening rate allows you to implement special Black Friday SMS campaigns.

We would like to give you some tips to take to heart when planning your Black Friday SMS campaign. Most of the tips are useful not only for your SMS marketing, but also for campaigns in other media. So… let’s get started.

1. Get the basics out of the way first

Before you can launch your Black Friday SMS campaign, make sure you’ve thought of all the basics.

If all these points are met, you can start planning your campaign. Of course, it’s your own decision which type of offer and strategy you choose. Nevertheless, you should always remember to offer your customers exclusive added value in your SMS campaigns. Your customers trust you enough to want to receive SMS from you: Make the most of and reward this trust.

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2. Offer exclusiveness

There are many occasions when you can launch a discount promotion or other SMS campaign. On the days of the year when discounts are offered by all companies, you should stand out from the crowd. Sending SMS on Black Friday is particularly suitable, because exclusive offers get a personal touch just by being sent via SMS in the first place. Make your customers feel that they are part of an exclusive group – which they hopefully are anyway when they receive SMS from you.

But you should also keep the personal touch in mind during the actual ordering process. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but a handwritten note thanking them for their order makes your customers feel special and strengthens customer loyalty. Sometimes that’s all it takes to effectively stand out from the competition.

If you decide to offer exclusivity to your customers, it is imperative that you personalize your Black Friday SMS campaign, because generic messages never seem exclusive. Use placeholders to personalize each SMS if you are sending bulk SMS.

3. Generate curiosity

Another strategy that will set you apart from other Black Friday offers: Build an element of surprise into your campaign. Have your customers receive a custom discount code, the amount of which is a surprise and will only be revealed at checkout. Launching a new product? Gradually reveal details and keep your customers guessing – maybe you’ll even have a reward for the first ten people who guess correctly?

If you want to hold a sweepstakes, you can also send your customers a riddle that they can answer to get a discount. Particularly memorable, but also a bit more elaborate, is an SMS campaign in which you communicate one-to-one with your customers via SMS. In the past, for example, fashion brands promoted the opening of a new store by texting a “mysterious stranger” who gradually revealed details about the “special event.” In such a scenario, if you let your recipients respond individually, your Black Friday SMS campaign will definitely be remembered.

Exclusive Black Friday SMS will sit well with your customers

4. Focus on added value instead of (only) price wars

Surely your customers expect some kind of special offer on Black Friday. But you don’t necessarily have to engage in the classic price war. Prepare other attractive offers for your customers, such as individual consultations, workshops or invitations to special events.

If you sell particularly complex products, you can also offer a discounted or free guide. For many products, offering extensive tips and tricks is also a good idea, such as “Your workout and nutrition plan for the holidays” if you sell sports accessories or “How to get the most out of your hike with your new backpack.” Use data you already have to find value that your customers will really appreciate.

5. Keep in mind offers for later sales periods

The promotional period around Black Friday is so popular not least because many customers like to buy their Christmas gifts during the week. It pays in more ways than one to keep Christmas sales in mind during your Black Friday promotion.

It’s generally a good idea to include giveaways with orders or promote them in your offer. However, it’s especially smart to include product samples of products that are particularly popular in your Christmas sales. In this way, you not only ensure that you are remembered, but ideally also give your customers a gift idea or two along the way. If you can receive text messages from your customers, it also makes sense to ask them for feedback on these giveaways or samples.

Use the increased willingness to buy to improve customer loyalty and familiarize customers with your product range.

Note on the term Black Friday for Germany

You may have heard it before: if you want to use the term Black Friday in your advertising, be careful. For many years, there has been a legal dispute because the term is protected as a trademark with the German DPMA. Although the BGH ruled that the term was not protectable in certain areas, it appears that protection still exists in some other areas. Many companies get around this problem by using alternative wording – you might want to consider these as well. If in doubt, always consult with your legal counsel.

This is not legal advice, but for informational purpose only.

Your Black Friday SMS campaign

Use the advantages of short messages in your Black Friday SMS campaign. Enhance the personal touch and the exclusive character and benefit from the fast and high open rate. Offer your customers real added value and see these days in November as part of your whole strategy, not just as single strong sales days. With a little skill, your Black Friday SMS campaign can not only generate sales and strengthen customer loyalty, but also provide final impetus for your Christmas business.

Are you planning a Black Friday SMS campaign? We would be happy if you share your experiences with us.

All the best
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