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Google’s Chrome browser is head and shoulders above the competition in terms of user numbers. Thus, it is only logical to release our browser extension for sending SMS in Chrome as our first one. We sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy using it!

Why Chrome?

Chrome is where the users are. In Germany, almost 45 percent of Internet users are on Chrome. Worldwide, it’s even more impressive at 69 percent. The browser’s popularity is certainly based on several reasons. This starts with the built-in compatibility with popular Google apps. Users also like the speed – Chrome tends to launch faster and load pages quicker than the competition. Although Chrome is the newest of the “big” browsers, it has very quickly claimed the top of the market.

However, the browser’s market dominance also has the effect that some websites are not only optimized for Chrome, but are completely incompatible with other browsers. Some of these are Google’s own websites, others are third-party sites. There are only two ways of dealing with this: Either you don’t user the particular website, or you use – at least for these pages – the market leader.

What Chrome has not been able to do so far, despite all its great features, is send SMS. We have addressed this flaw and offer our new browser extension.

Installing the Plugin

After downloading the plugin as a .zip file, unpack it into any folder on your computer. Got to chrome://extensions in your browser and activate developer mode. Click on Load unzipped extension and select the folder you just unzipped. Now the sms77 extension should be active.

Update January 2020

As of January 2020 the sms77 Extension is officially available via the Chrome Web Store. Of course, the installation is much easier now: You simply search for the app and press Install. When the browser asks for your confirmation, you accept.

To send SMS you need an sms77-Account in addition to Chrome and the plugin. Under the menu item Developer you can create and copy your API key in the corresponding section. You must specify this key in the extension in the settings. Additionally, you should top up your account balance under Finances in order to be able to send SMS.

Sending SMS in Chrome

You can now send SMS directly from your browser. To do so, select a text you want to share and after a right click select the option Send SMS via Alternatively you can send an SMS in Chrome by selecting the Plugin in the address bar – the green icon in the upper right corner. Click on Send SMS to open the input window. Here you can manually enter the text, sender and recipient of your message.

In the extension’s settings you can specify a fixed sender, which will then be used permanently when sending SMS from the browser. You can also specify a permanent recipient number or contact list. This makes sense if you want to share content with a group of contacts on a regular basis, for example.

Send SMS in Chrome with our plugin


The Chrome SMS extension by sms77 allows you to share texts via SMS with a few mouse clicks. You can also send individual texts directly in your browser without logging into your sms77 account. As you know it from us, you only pay for the SMS you actually send – no hidden costs, no contract period, no subscritpion trap. Simplify your everyday life with the sms77 extension for your chrome browser.

Are you using a browser other than Chrome? Don’t worry: Our extension will be available for other browsers soon!

Best regards
Your sms77 team

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