Send SMS from Smoobu – this is how it works!

Do you use Smoobu to manage your holiday rentals and are you looking for a way to reach your guests even more effectively? SMS are an excellent choice in many cases, as they do not require internet reception and reach your guests without them having to install a separate app.

If you would like to send SMS from Smoobu, you can integrate sending via our gateway in just a few steps.

The integration is easy and opens up new ways to connect with your guests. Let’s explore together how you can effortlessly set up this feature to offer your guests a smooth and more personalised service.

The requirements

Are you ready? Perfect. To get started, you need:

Step 1: Create email address in Smoobu

Firstly, we determine the email address from which the emails that trigger the SMS will be sent.
To do this, call up the settings in the left-hand menu in Smoobu and then click on Communication. Here you either set an email address or copy the existing one – we will need it in the next step.

Save your changes.

Step 2: Set up mail-to-SMS with

Now open the seven web app and click on Developer in the left-hand menu. In the Mail API section, click on the green plus to set up a new email address for sending.

Under Sender email address, enter the address that you specified or copied in the first step. Our system will then accept mails from this address.

Also enter a key that is used for authentication when you send an e-mail with the corresponding e-mail address to our gateway.

It is also possible to accept all mails that arrive from an address that ends on To do this, enter * as the sender email address. In this case, please create a random key to ensure that the dispatch remains secure.

Remember to hit save.

Send SMS from Smoobu - Setting up the Mail2SMS function

Step 3: Create mail in Smoobu

Back to Smoobu. Call up the settings for communications again and create a new message template below.

In the subject line, enter

to=[guestPhone] key=MAIL2SMS_KEY

Replace MAIL2SMS_KEY with the key that you set in the second step or generated randomly.

You also specify the text that should appear in your message.

Under Email, enter

Save one last time – you’re done!

Sending SMS from Smoobu - Setting up the message in Smoobu

Okay, but how does it work, exactly?

If you now trigger an email with the corresponding message template in Smoobu, an email is sent to the seven gateway.

The gateway accepts the mail because the sender address was previously set up by you.
The subject line transmits the recipient’s mobile phone number and the key, which serves as a password.
The text is also sent to our gateway.

Like this, we receive all the necessary information and your SMS is sent.

Got something to tell us?

Do you use our gateway via Smoobu and have questions, suggestions or criticism? Make sure to leave us a comment or get involved on our feedback platform.

All the best
Your sms77 team

Header picture by Frames For Your Heart via Unsplash

Edit on 02/05/24: Changed Screenshot of our webapp and did some minor wording changed to reflect the renaming of the Mail-to-SMS section.

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