Kotlin is a multi-paradigm programming language, which is becoming more and more popular. The language, which is still quite young, was released in 2011. It has become best known for being the language of choice for developing Android apps. The language is open-source, but the company JetBrains is significantly involved in the development. 

Another special feature of the language is that it is fully interoperable with Java. Therefore, existing Java frameworks and libraries can be used. Kotlin is generally regarded as a modern, precise and secure programming language.

The Kotlin client for sms77 helps you to add our service to your project

The Kotlin client for seven.io

When you develop and implement complex projects with Kotlin, you have got your hands full. Therefore, integrating service providers should be especially easy. With our Kotlin client you can easily integrate our service into your projects and use our products to the full extent. This saves you valuable time that you can certainly put to good use elsewhere.

Whether you want to send single SMS or personalized bulk messages, check your contacts with our number validation or are looking for an easy way to receive SMS – we offer you the right solution. If you ever get stuck, our support team will be happy to help you.

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