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Revolutionize your mobile marketing with interactive media

The Future Will Be Colorful – With Rich Communication Services

Rich Communication Service, RCS for short, is a new messaging standard that has lots of things going for it. With RCS, you can send not only text messages, but also pictures, videos, and many other types of content.

The real deal here: You do not need a separate app to send any of these. Because RCS is being developed as a unified standard, content is sent and received via the existing native messenger app. In the long run, every cell phone should be able to receive and display all content sent via RCS. For this reason, RCS is also called the “successor of SMS“.

To find out what features you can expect and how you can use RCS profitably for your business, keep on reading.

Sending Multimedia Content

Don’t just send text messages. Send pictures, videos and interactive elements.


High brand recognition guaranteed: Design the visual appearance of the conversation according to your own branding guidelines.

Automated Messages

Send automated messages, for example when customers contact you outside of your support hours.


Your customers can make quick and easy payments via Google Pay, but you can also link to other payment options.

Send interactive messages with RCS
Native Standard

Your customers do not need to install a separate app or create a user account. They receive the messages in the pre-installed messaging app of the smartphone.

Verified Sender

You need to apply to be verified as a sender. Verification builds trust and strengthens your customer relationships.

SMS Fallback

If your recipients are not online, the content of the message will be delivered as SMS.

Free for Customers

All your recipients need to send and receive RCS messages is an Internet connection and an RCS-enabled mobile phone.

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Rich Business Messaging – RCS for Business

More media, better branding, comprehensive capabilities – RCS has the potential to transform the way companies communicate with their customers. Obviously, the option to include different media is very valuable in itself, as is the native implementation of the messages. However, there are more features that also change the way you can communicate with your clients, so RCS will definitely pay off for your business.

For example, Rich Communication Service offers you a variety of ways to make communication with your clients interactive. In addition to extensive options for using media, the messages are also enhanced with other classic messenger functions. Thanks to read receipts, you can see if and when your message was read. In addition, your recipients can react to messages, just like in social media. This option in particular provides you with valuable details that will help you to analyze your offers.

FAQ: What companies need to know if they want to send RCS messages

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There are currently three billing models. A fourth will be added in the foreseeable future.
Billing is based on one of the following models, which you can choose from when you register to send RCS messages:

  1. Basic message
  2. Single message
  3. Conversation/Session

A “Monthly Active Users” option is expected to be added.

Here are the details:

  1. Simple message “Basic Message”
    A message with up to 160 characters, similar to an SMS, but with a verified sender and logo.
  2. Single Message
    A message that contains either more than 160 characters or an image, carousel, rich card, video or other element. Each element is ONE message.
  3. Conversation/Session
    Billing via sessions that are valid for a standard 24 hours. Any number of messages can be exchanged here at no extra cost.
  4. Active customers “Monthly Active Users”
    Billing via recipients instead of messages or sessions.

As soon as we are able to provide specific prices, you will find them in our price list.

End users do not have to pay to receive RCS messages and replying to your message costs them nothing, provided they can use a free Internet connection. Even if customers contact you first, there are no additional costs on the customer side.

If a receiving device is unable to receive an RCS message, a rich SMS is sent instead. A rich SMS is an SMS with a link that shows a web view of the RCS message.

However, thanks to a real-time query, it will also be possible to determine in advance whether a recipient can receive RCS, meaning that a rich SMS will only be delivered in rare cases.

If you want to send RCS messages on behalf of your company, we need to register an agent for you. This ensures that it is actually the relevant brand and you can send messages from a verified sender.

For each target network to which you want to send messages, this agent must be authorised by the respective network operator.

If you would like to register an agent, please contact our team. We will then ask you about all the necessary data and arrange the registration. This data includes, for example, a logo, a banner and a company name, as well as the contact details of the person responsible and the type of messages you would like to send.

We then arrange the activation with your desired network operators. During this process, you can expect queries from the network operators, so you should allow a few days for this process.

Yes, as a company you must register to send RCS messages or rather register an agent who must then be authorised by the network operators. You cannot send RCS messages without your agent being authorised.

When registering the agent, you provide important data for verification purposes. This ensures that you are authorised to send messages to customers on behalf of your brand. Your recipients can see your verification directly in the chat with you and can therefore be sure that they are not dealing with fraudsters.

For further details on registration, please refer to “How do I register my company to send RCS messages”.

Discover the most popular use cases

Let your customers choose

More than just a message: Convince your customers with an offer they can interact with. With predefined response options, your customers will quickly find the offer that suits them best. Send horizontally scrollable offers from which they can choose their favorite. The advantages are obvious. For example, your customers will not receive irrelevant messages, but will almost automatically find a product that is really interesting to them. The images and videos increase the interaction rate with your offer considerably.

You’ll save a lot of time and increase customer satisfaction and the conversion rate. Since your customers do not need to install a separate app, your content is also accessible to a lot of people. RCS does combine the strongest features of native messaging and mobile multimedia marketing. However, you will soon discover that RCS can be used profitably in all phases of the customer journey.

RCS offers great opportunities for retail
Sustainable future without paper

No matter if you sell tickets for public transport, concerts or other events: RCS will enrich your business. Wherever tickets are purchased and shipped online, RCS eliminates the need for other apps. Instead, you’ll communicate directly with your customers, right in the native messenger app.

However, it doesn’t stop at simply exchanging messages: Your customers can not only buy the product they want in the native messenger app, but they will also receive it there. The ticket can then be saved or your customers can use it right from the app. Your recipients benefit from the easy process and the accessibility of the tickets. This method of delivery not only saves time, but also paper. The environment will thank you for it.

RCS is great for sending all kinds of tickets
A whole new menu

In the food sector, the new possibilities that RCS offers are particularly valuable. On the one hand, you can benefit massively from the fact that customers can actually see your food on pictures. On the other hand, you can send attractive and individual offers with RCS which your customers can react on. Show interested parties how good your lunch looks or let regular customers choose from your menu – all in the native messenger app.

It’s really easy to give feedback, meaning that you will get valuable data that will help you with customizing your offers. You can also effectively manage reservations via RCS by allowing your guests to cancel or postpone their reservations. Your guests will automatically be shown available dates – all they have to do is pick one!

Restaurants and other establishments in the food service industry can send attractive offers via RCS
From chatbots to guided help

Customer support today is more than just troubleshooting. It is a sales argument and can really set your company apart from others.
RCS will take your customer support to the next level. You can specify response options and set automated messages. This means that you can create simple chat bots that answer your clients’ most urgent and basic questions, even while you are out of office. But even in regular customer support, the predefined response options help you to approach the tasks sensibly and effectively.

If the most important key data is requested in advance, your employees are well prepared when they start the conversation with the respective customer. The possibility of sending other media makes support even easier. Send screenshots or tutorial videos that help your customers. They will definitely appreciate it.

RCS is great to help organise customer support
Interactive appointment reminders

It is definitely not a secret anymore that patients show up at their appointments far more often if they receive a message in advance that reminds them of it. The no-show rate can be reduced massively with these reminders only. With appointment reminders via RCS you can go one step further. Your patients not only receive the reminder, they can also cancel or reschedule their appointment via RCS. You provide response options and dates, and your patients simply choose.

This way, you not only ensure that your patient knows when the appointment will take place, but also offer additional service without much extra effort for you and your team.

Doctors offices of all kinds profit from effective appointment reminders via RCS

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