Car workshops

SMS as a tool for customer loyalty in your car workshop

The customer used to be king – today, they are interactive media users who want both, information that is rich in content and professionalism in dealing with communication. That means customers want to get exactly the details that concern them, at a convenient time and with personal flair, as well as high data protection. This is also true for customers of your car workshop. All this is combined by our SMS service, thanks to extensive modules which are tailored to your requirements respectively those of your customers. This will help your car workshop achieve a powerful drive in the areas of service, organization and customer loyalty.

With our SMS web app as well as our gateway interfaces, you have full access to our developments, for example for:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Pick-up orders for the vehicle or individual parts
  • Reminders of the regular service check
  • Information on documents, insurance, etc.
  • Offers for e.g. tire change and storage
  • Invitations to consultations and test drives

Your advantages

There are several solutions available for connecting to our SMS Gateway. So you can continue to use your own software as usual, conveniently import contacts, configure features and customize your SMS settings customer-oriented. Our documentations (for example, for HTTP API applications) support you in your workflow with numerous examples and tips. For complex tasks, a competent support team will be at your side to help. Your customers then only need a mobile phone and reception – no Internet access, no high-end technology or other tricks. This makes the SMS service particularly easy to access. For all generations.

In your account, you also have the option to track messages in the journal, view delivery reports, and create evaluations. At the same time, you keep full cost control and can address your customers from the automated group SMS to the personalized voice message. As soon as the vehicle is repaired, new appointments are made or further information is available, your customers are quickly and reliably up to date.

This is where car workshops really up their service by using SMS.

  • More customer satisfaction

    Short, informative added values ​​convey service and discretion at the same time

  • Save time and costs

    Use automated templates instead of minutes of conversation

  • Chain effect

    Customers can conveniently forward your SMS and so bring your company into conversation

The integration of our SMS services offers car workshops an effective boost to successful dealing with marketing priorities. Because not only the vehicle models are constantly being developed, but also the target group models are changing. And every mechanic knows that even the smallest wheel can have a big impact. With every SMS, you take your company a bit further in the direction of future-proof customer loyalty. Intuitively simple and flexible scalable.

Transparent and fair – Prices to send SMS

Simply top up your credit balance and pay only the SMS you send. There will be no additional costs for you. All features like the API, Email2SMS etc. are available free of charge for each account.

*All prices are subject to value added tax at the statutory state. Prices for non-EU countries may vary. Please check our full price list by country. The prices are valid for a sent SMS with 160 characters. Messages with more than 160 characters are calculated according to the number of sent SMS, in which for each SMS message 8 characters less are available. An SMS with e.g. 310 characters would thus be calculated with the triple SMS price. For SMS with unicode characters, ie characters which are not included in the standard GSM alphabet (e.g. cyrillic, arabic, etc.), only 70 character per SMS are possible. The price is then for 70 characters. No transmission to special call numbers.