Craft is an open source content management system. The software’s approach is characterized mainly by the focus on design, clarity and usability. Craft can be extended by a commerce system, which is subject to the same aspirations. Of course, you can also extend the functions of the CMS with plugins.

With our Craft SMS Plugin, for example, you can easily send SMS and voice messages (sometimes called Text2Speech messages) to customers or other users of your website without leaving Craft. In Craft Commerce, bulk SMS and bulk Text2Speech messages are also availabe with the help of our extensions. You can use bulk SMS for many different purposes along the customer journey. Text2Speech messages allow you, among other things, to provide additional accessibility if your recipients are unable to read or have limited reading capabilities.

Einfache SMS Integration für Craft CMS

Our Craft SMS Plugin

With Craft CMS and Craft Commerce you are flexible and have full control over your website. Why should you cut back on your communication? With our Craft SMS Plugin you expand your marketing mix with a strong communication partner. You can send SMS and Text2Speech messages directly from the user interface, reaching your recipients effectively, personally and reliably – regardless of whether they are currently connected to the Internet.

No matter if you need to contact your partners or your customers: SMS are a great choice. Not only are they read particularly quickly, they are also perceived as very personal messages. Additionally, you benefit from our flexible SMS gateway that always meets your needs, no matter if you send 10 or 10,000 SMS per day. You would like to test our products first? Register for free and discover what you can do.

Send SMS

  • Send SMS directly from the Craft user interface. In Craft Commerce you can also send bulk SMS, which can be used for sending exclusive offers, invitations to an event and in many other scenarios along the customer journey.

Text to Speech messages

  • Text2Speech messages, sometimes also called voice messages, are text messages that are read aloud to your recipients on the phone. They are suitable for accessible communication, but our customers also like to use them for alerts. In Craft Commerce, you can send bulk voice messages as well as regular ones.

Sender ID

  • SMS are a very personal medium. Therefore, sender IDs are used to immediately show your recipients that it is you who is sending them a message. Out plugin allows you to set a custom Caller ID that your recipients will see as the sender.
Einstellungsmöglichkeiten für unser SMS Plugin für Craft

Settings options for sending with our Craft SMS plugin, click to enlarge

Delayed sending

  • You want to send your SMS at a later time? With the delay option, you can conveniently schedule your SMS dispatch in advance. Perfect for sending offers on holidays or to remind your team of important dates.

Performance Tracking

  • Are you sending links to offers via SMS? Activate our performance tracking to get information about which recipients visited your link and how often they did.


  • Are you currently using our SMS plugin for Craft to send a marketing message, offer or information to your employees? Mark your SMS with different labels to be able to filter them effectively in your later analysis.

More options

  • Benefit from other features, such as the ability to filter by recipient country, send Flash SMS and set a reload lock. A debug function, an optional foreign ID and the possibility of JSON output are also available to you in our plugin.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Go to our GitHub page for more information.