Freshdesk is a customer service solution designed to improve customer communication and, in particular, support in companies. According to its own information, Freshdesk is used by more than 50,000 companies. Freshdesk itself includes different products and pricing depends on the usage and the number of users. 

With many different products, including from the company behind it, Freshworks, numerous use cases are covered, so businesses of all sizes can benefit from omnichannel communications. If you want, you can also integrate our service to be able to send SMS from Freshdesk.

Send SMS from Freshdesk to delight customers

Send SMS from Freshdesk

If you want to send SMS from Freshdesk, you can integrate our service in just a few steps. This way, you make sure that your SMS dispatch is GDPR-compliant and you benefit from our flexible, scalable gateway.

Communication via SMS has many advantages: SMS are perceived as a very personal way of communication and therefore strengthen customer loyalty. Moreover, the possibility of being able to receive asynchronous support is desired by many customers today and should be part of every communication strategy.

An SMS doesn’t attract enough attention for your needs? Send text-to-speech messages that are delivered as calls and then read out on the phone.

Send SMS

  • Send SMS to your contacts, either directly from the contact’s details page or from a ticket.

Send text-to-speech messages

  • Send a text-to-speech message, also called voice message, to have your SMS delivered as a call. Again, sending from the contact’s overview page and from a ticket is possible.
Wenn Sie SMS aus Freshdesk versenden erreichen Sie Kunden dort, wo sie gerade sind

When you send SMS from Freshdesk, you reach your customers everywhere.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Head on to our GitHub page for more information.