Live Helper Chat, also LHC, is a live support chat software that enables you to build chats and add them to websites and applications. The software is open source and can be extended through various integrations. It is also possible to build chatbots, which can be integrated into various platforms if required. Live Helper Chat can be self-hosted, but is also offered as a paid hosted version. GDPR-compliant use of Live Helper Chat is possible. In addition, LHC promises straightforward third-party connectivity via the REST API.

With seven, you can now also integrate sending and receiving SMS in Live Helper Chat to offer your customers an additional communication channel.

Add SMS feature to Live Helper Chat
Send SMS in Live Helper Chat and offer your customers an exceptional service

Send SMS in Live Helper Chat

You decided that you want to receive and send SMS in Live Helper Chat? With the seven integration you can include inbound and outbound SMS in your chat. This creates an authentic conversation while your customers use the channel they love most – SMS.

Why should you be offering SMS as an additional contact option? For one thing, many customers want the ability to contact companies via text messages. On the other hand, communication via SMS has immediate advantages for you as well. It usually takes less than three minutes for an SMS to be read by the recipient. This means that your customers will respond more quickly to your message and their concerns will be resolved faster. In addition, SMS are perceived to be very personal messages, which positively supports the bond customers have with your brand.

SMS sending and receiving

When integrating your SMS dispatch with Live Helper Chat, you can decide whether you only want to send SMS or receive SMS as well. For using SMS in Live Helper Chat, we strongly recommend you to include the option to receive SMS via your own inbound number, so that direct communication with your customers is as easy as possible. Details on how to set it all up can be found in the documentation linked below.

Settings you need to make if you want to add SMS feature to Live Helper Chat

Screenshot of the setup for sending SMS in Live Helper Chat, click to enlarge.

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