tricoma is a German web-based all-in-one ERP software. In addition to the ERP system, a CRM, an enterprise resource planning system and individual stores can be used or created. tricoma is available in different price models.

Usability is key and so is practicality: In addition to the extensive and expandable functions, many interfaces to well-known platforms are another advantage of the system. Furthermore, you can, for example, also integrate the sending of SMS with tricoma.

Setup for sending SMS with tricoma

Setting up seven as SMS gateway in tricoma, click to enlarge.

Send SMS with tricoma

In just a few steps you can set up sending SMS with tricoma through seven. Once you have completed the setup, you can start right away. As usual you only pay for the SMS you send and you don’t have to worry about contract periods or minimum turnover.

SMS are particularly suitable for effective communication with customers and employees, because they are read very quickly and reach every cell phone without any problems. Benefit from the effective short messages and send your first SMS with tricoma today.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
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