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Sending SMS via Tricoma


Setting up sms77 as an SMS gateway within Tricoma is simple. It just takes a couple of minutes.
We navigate to System->Administration->SMS Gateway and then enter the required values in the form. Confirm by clicking Save.

HTTP gateway
The interface of sms77 with the respective URL parameters appended. Example: http://gateway.sms77.io/api/sms?&p=YOUR_SMS77_API_KEY&text=%txt%&to=%empf%&from=%abs%
Default sender
Defines the sender identifier which will be shown to the clientele in the display as the sender SMS. Overwrites the value from the customer portal, if present.
Return values on successfully sent SMS
Indicates the value returned by the API if the SMS was successfully injected into the network. This value must be 100.

Setup Tricoma SMS Gateway