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Zen Cart

What is Zen Cart?

Zen Cart is an open source online store system that can be extended with many features using modules. With our SMS module for Zen Cart you can send SMS to your customers.


Bulk SMS sending directly from Zen Cart user interface

Settings options in Zen Cart SMS module

  • Flash SMS
  • Performance Tracking
  • Labels
  • Sender name
  • Foreign ID
  • Delayed sending
  • UTF-8
  • Reload lock (No Reload deactivates lock)
  • User Data Header
  • Filter by recipient country
  • Debug function
  • Time to live


  1. Download the latest version as a *.zip file
  2. Extract the content to your Zen Cart root directory
  3. In your admin dashboard, navigate to Modules->Plugin Manager
  4. Locate Sms77 and click the Install button twice
  5. Go to Configuration->My Shop and find Sms77: API Key
  6. Enter your API key and click on Update
  7. Go to Tools->Sms77 to start the shipping process


Do you have questions about the installation or use of our Zen Cart module? Feel free to send us an email at any time!