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Bolt CMS

Send SMS and make text-to-speech calls within Bolt CMS.

Bolt CMS is an open source content management system based on PHP, more specifically the popular Symfony framework. The built-in interface in the form of REST and GraphQL makes it particularly popular with web developers, as it is extremely easy and effective to extend.

[GitHub repo=’bolt’ lang=’en’]


  1. Install the package via the PHP package manager composer:
    composer require sms77/bolt
  2. 2. Add Content Type for mobile phone field:

          # ...
            type: text
            variant: inline
          # ...
  3. Head to /bolt/file-edit/config?file=/extensions/sms77-bolt.yaml and fill out apiKey.
    Alternatively adjust `mappings` where each key represents a content type and the corresponding value is a mobile number field.
    Notice: You can also edit this file via Maintenance->Extensions->Configuration in the administration area.


Check out the widget in the administration dashboard. Click on one of the buttons to get to an action page.

Send SMS

Send SMS to all of your content types which have defined a value for the mobile phone field.

Make Text-To-speech calls

Call every content type having defined a mobile phone field value and read the given text out loud.

Message Placeholders

Each field of a content type can be used in the text surrounded by {{<field_name>}} – e.g. {{name}} resolves to the field name.
Make sure that the value has implemented the .toString() method as there is no type checking or conversion implemented as of now.