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Documentation for the Elgg SMS Plugin

Elgg is an open source social networking engine that can be used to implement various social networks.

In our documentation for the Elgg SMS Plugin we show you how to install and use our plugin.

sms77 Plugin for Elgg

Go to our Elgg plugin on GitHub


  • Sending SMS as notification in Elgg’s Notifications Plugin
  • Programmatic SMS sending


  1. You have an API key with us
  2. You have installed the Notifications Plugin from Elgg

Using the plugin

Select sms77 as provider in the Notifications-SMS-Plugin from Elgg and set up the sending under Plugin Settings by making the required settings (Screenhot).

You can also send SMS programmatically.

Settings options

API Key (mandatory)

Enter your API Key here.

Foreign ID

Enter a value to be returned on callback. Max. 64 characters, allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, .-_@


Sender name, up to eleven alphanumeric characters or 16 digits possible


Specify a label here


Signature that will be appended to each of your messages


Activate the debug function if you don’t want to actually send your SMS, but only test them


Enable to send a flash SMS message

No reload

Disable reload lock. The lock prevents sending identical messages to identical recipient numbers within 180 seconds after the first send.

Performance Tracking

Our Performance Tracking allows you to check if and how often a link sent in the SMS was clicked.


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