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Documentation for the Craft Plugin by sms77

Craft is a content management system that can be extended with a commerce system. The software is open source and can rely on a large community that is constantly developing new plugins.

Find our Craft Plugin on GitHub

Functionality of our plugin

Craft CMS

  • Send SMS via control panel or service
  • Send voicemails via control panel or service

Craft Commerce


  • Bulk SMS
  • Mass voice messages

Settings options for the Craft SMS and text-to-speech plugin

  • Flash SMS
  • Performance tracking
  • Labels
  • Sender name (Caller ID)
  • Foreign ID
  • Delayed sending
  • Reload lock (No Reload deactivates reload block)
  • Filter by recipient country
  • Debug function


Install this plugin via Composer.

Open a terminal and execute the following commands:

# navigate to your project root
cd /var/www/craft

# retrieve the plugin source code via Composer
composer require sms77/craft

# install the plugin via Craft CLI
./craft install/plugin sms77


After you have installed the sms77 plugin, navigate to Settings → Sms77 and enter your API Key.

Using the plugin

Please visit our GitHub repository for the Craft SMS plugin for usage examples and screenshots.


Do you have any questions about installing or using our Craft plugin? Feel free to send us an email at any time!