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[GitHub repo=’thelia’ lang=’en’]

Thelia is an open source e-commerce framework established in 2005 which is especially popular amongst french speaking markets. It is especially extendable thanks to its highly functional REST API and flexible template system.


In the following paragraphs we would like to present you how to use our plugin for Thelia in a meaningful way.

Bulk SMS

In order to reach all customers at once our bulk messaging comes in handy. You can filter whether to message only resellers or all customers.


We have created placeholders for objects in order to send personalized messages. The keys always relate to the Customer object. If the key is not present, an empty string will get inserted. Subsequent space character will get replaced by single ones in this case.

  • {{firstname}} resolves to the customers first name
  • {{lastname}} resolves to the customers last name
  • {{email}} resolves to the customers email