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sms77 documentation for our Gambio plugin

Gambio is an all-in-one solution for creating online stores.

In the sms77 documentation for our Gambio plugin you will learn how to install and use the plugin. You will also find an overview of the possible settings and the available placeholders in Gambio.

sms77 Gambio Plugin

Go to our plugin on GitHub


  • Sending bulk SMS in Gambio with various setting options
  • Use of placeholders with data from Gambio


From release – the easy way!

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Extract archive to /<path>/<to>/<gambio>/GXModules

From source

  1. cd /<path>/<to>/<gambio>/GXModules && mkdir Sms77 && cd Sms77
  2. git clone https://github.com/sms77io/gambio Sms77 && cd Sms77
  3. composer update

Common steps

  1. Gambio Admin: Go to Module Center and install sms77
  2. Click Edit, insert API key and press Save
  3. Start sending via Customers->Send SMS

Settings SMS

Customer Group

Specify here to which customer group you want to send your SMS. If you do not select anything here, the SMS will be sent to all customers.


Sender name, maximum eleven alphanumeric characters or 16 digits


Specify a label that you can use as a filter in your analysis

Foreign ID

Enter a value to be returned on callback. Max. 64 characters, allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, .-_@


Select to send the message as Flash SMS

Performance Tracking

Select to activate our performance tracking for a link in the SMS


Select to enable debug mode (SMS will not be sent)

No reload

Select to disable reload blocking. Reload blocking prevents sending identical SMS to identical recipients within180 seconds after sending.


The text of your message. By default you have 160 characters per SMS, for Unicode messages the characters are reduced to 70 per SMS. Sending concatenated SMS is possible.

Placeholder for customer data from Gambio

  • customerNumber
  • customerStatusId
  • email
  • faxNumber
  • firstname
  • id
  • isGuest ({{isGuest}} returns “false” if the customer is a registered user. Otherwise it returms “true”)
  • lastname
  • telephoneNumber
  • vatNumber
  • vatNumberStatus


Need help installing or using our Gambio plugin? Please contact us!

Are there details you miss in the sms77 documentation for our Gambio plugin? We are looking forward to your ideas!