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Documentation for our SMS module for ProcessWire

ProcessWire is a content management system.

In this documentation for our SMS module for ProcessWire you will find details about functions, installation and setting options.

sms77 Module for ProcessWire

To our ProcessWire module on GitHub


  • Sending SMS to single users, groups or all users
  • Add email address of the user by using a placeholder
  • Creation of a configurable mobile phone field (mandatory for sending SMS)


  1. unzip -d /path/to/processwire/wire/modules
  2. Add mobile phone field Admin->Setup->Fields->Add New – see screenshot
  3. Go to Admin->Setup->Templates, press Filters and set Show system templates? to yes
  4. Select user template, add mobile_phone field and press Save – see screenshot
  5. Go to Admin->Modules->Sms77, enter your API Key and press Submit
SMS settings options
Filters (Select the user role to use)

Specify the groups you want to send your SMS to


The text of your message. By default you have 160 characters per SMS, for Unicode messages the characters are reduced to 70 per SMS. Chained SMS are usually possible, but some destination countries do not support the transmission of chained messages.


Sender name, maximum eleven alphanumeric characters or 16 digits


Select to activate debug mode (SMS will not be sent)

Mobile Phone Field

Enter the name of your mobile phone field here, in our example mobile_phone


Use {{email}} in the text to insert the respective email address of the user.


Need help installing or using our ProcessWire module? Please contact us!