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Akaunting is an up-and-coming accounting software. The basic version is completely free and very well suited for most small to medium sized businesses. Based on the popular and open source Laravel framework, it is particularly flexible because of its modular structure.

Scope of functions

With our module for Akaunting, mass sending to contacts can be set up without any problems. Both SMS and voice messages are supported. In addition, automatic SMS sending is supported whenever an invoice has been created. Of course, you are always welcome to talk to us about suggestions for improvements.


The module can be downloaded via the repository on GitHub.


  • Create a folder named Sms77 inside the modules folder and navigate to it
  • Clone the library: git clone https://github.com/sms77io/akaunting.git
  • Install dependencies: composer install && npm i && npm run build
  • Link module with akaunting: php artisan module:install sms77 1
[GitHub repo=’akaunting’ lang’en’]