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RosarioSIS is an open-source Student Information System written in PHP. Their team published a SMS module where sms77 is integrated as a provider.


  1. Download the SMS module from GitLab
  2. Extract the archive to /path/to/rosariosis/modules
  3. Rename the directory from SMS-master to SMS
  4. Go to School > Configuration > Modules and click Activate



  1. Select the students mobile number field – typically Physician Phone
  2. Select the users mobile number field – typically Phone Number
  3. Select sms77.io as the Gateway
  4. Click the SAVE button


  1. Set your API key which you can obtain in your developer dashboard
  2. Leave the field API username empty
  3. Leave the field API password empty
  4. Fill in the desired Sender name with a maximum of 11 alphanumeric or 16 numeric characters
  5. Click the SAVE button


Send Bulk SMS to Users or Students

  1. Navigate to SMS -> Send
  2. Click on either Students or Users
  3. Fill out the search mask form
  4. Enter your desired text to send – maximum 10000 characters
  5. Click the button SEND SMS TO SELECTED USERS