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Documentation for SMS Gateway Module in HumHub with sms77

HumHub is an open source software that enables you to create social networks and social intranets.

With the SMS Gateway extension and sms77 you can add a simple, yet functional SMS dispatch to the platform.

Go to the SMS Gateway module on HumHub


Sending SMS to specific users directly from their profile.
Requirements: User has set a numbers in the Mobile field, you have an account with us and your credit is sufficient to send SMS.


The SMS Gateway extension is available through the Marketplace in HumHub. Search for SMS Gateway and install the module.

In the SMS Module Configuration, select sms77 under Choose Provider. In the API Key field below enter your API Key. Learn how to create a new API Key in our help article.

Save your settings.
Now you can open the SMS form in the user profile of any user via the profile menu and Send SMS and send your message.


Do you still have questions about using the HumHub SMS module with sms77?
Our support will be happy to help you.