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Strapi SMS Plugin Documentation

Strapi is an open source headless CMS.

In our Strapi SMS Plugin documentation we show you how to install and use the plugin.

sms77 StrapiPlugin

Find our Strapi plugin on GitHub


  • Sending SMS in bulk to your users
  • Making text-to-speech calls in bulk to your users


  1. You have created an API Key with us
  2. You have installed the Roles & Permissions plugin from Strapi
  3. Before sending to your users you have created the mobile_phone field in collection users-permissions_user (view screenshot)

Installation via NPM

cd path/to/the/strapi/root/directory

npm i @sms77.io/strapi

Settings options


Sending to specific users. Specify here to which users you want to send the SMS. This field will be overwritten if you specify a value under to.


recipient numbers or recipient names/group names from your sms77 contact book


Sender name, up to eleven alphanumeric characters or 16 numeric characters possible

Foreign ID

Enter a value to be returned on callback. Max. 64 characters, allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, .-_@


Enter a label here


Time to live, enter the desired validity period of the SMS in minutes. Default is 48 hours.


Delayed sending, specify the desired sending time if you do not want to send the SMS immediately


Activate the debug function, if you don’t want to actually send your SMS but just test something


Activate to send a flash SMS


Do you need help installing or using our Strapi plugin?
Is there something you would like to see in our Strapi SMS Plugin Documentation?
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