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What is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management system that can be extended in its functionality by many modules.


SMS dispatch

With the sms77 plugin you can send SMS directly from Drupal. Sending bulk SMS is also possible.

Performance tracking

Through our performance tracking, you can track how often an SMS is read and how often the link in the SMS is clicked.


You have the option to put a signature in front of each text message or attach it to each message.

Sender name

Specify a sender name that your recipients will see when they receive the SMS.


Use labels to make the most of the analysis of your SMS dispatch.


Via Composer

[GitHub repo=’drupal8′ lang=’en’]
  1. Navigate to the project folder where Drupal is installed
  2. Enter the following console command to install: composer require sms77/drupal8
  3. Navigate to Drupal’s administrator settings, enter API key, done!

Via Drupal SMS Framework

[GitHub repo=’drupal-sms-framework’ lang=’en’]
  1. Extract archive to /path/to/drupal/web/modules and go to the Drupal administration
  2. Head to Extend->SMS77 SMS, tick Sms77 SMS Module and press Install
  3. Go to Configuration->SMS FRAMEWORK->Gateways and press + Add gateway
  4. Configure the Sms77 gateway and press Save (Screenshot configuration)
  5. Insert an API key and, optionally, a sender name and click Save
  6. Optionally add an inbound number for receiving SMS (Screenshot webhook)


Please send us a mail if you have questions about the sms77 module for Drupal.