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RapidAPI Logo

We would like to present you our third party solution @ RapidAPI.

What is RapidAPI?

RapidAPI makes it possible to centrally administrate multiple APIs (short for Application Programming Interfaces) from a single administration dashboard.

A well structured overview in the administration area makes it easy to implement a multitude of APIs into your workflow with just a few clicks.

With every involved API the complexity of your application increases up to a point where it can be very hard to maintain. RapidAPI can help solving this issue in a quick and effective manner without the need of excessive programming skills.

Endpoint independent parameters

These parameters must be specified for all endpoints. A question mark indicates an optional parameter. The text in the square brackets is the parameter description.

p: string [API key]

Implemented Endpoints

Delivery Report
Read Contacts
Delete Contacts
SMS Dispatch
Global parameters for all sub endpoints
Number Format

Implemented Endpoints


Returns the account balance.

Delivery Reports

Returns the delivery report for a message ID.

msg_id: integer [Message ID]


Read Contacts

Returns all contacts for a given API key.

Delete Contacts

Deletes contact with the given ID.

id: integer [Contact ID]


SMS Dispatch

Sends one or multiple SMS

to: string [Recipient]
text: string [Message content]
performance_tracking?: boolean [Performance tracking]
delay?: string [Delay]
return_msg_id?: boolean [Append message ID]
debug?: boolean [Debug mode]
flash?: boolean [Flash message]
label?: string [Message label]
from?: string [Sender identifier]
ttl?: integer [Time-To-Live]
no_reload?: boolean [Disable reload lock]
json?: boolean [Return as JSON]
utf8?: boolean [UTF-8-message]
details?: boolean [Show details]
udh?: boolean [User Data Header]
unicode?: boolean [Unicode message]


Global parameters for all sub endpoints
number: string [Recipient]
Number Format

Returns the formatted number for the given number.


Returns Home Location Register information for the given number.


Returns Calling Name Delivery information for the given number.


Returns Mobile Number Portability information for the given number.

json?: boolean [JSON]