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Vtiger is a well documented and quite popular content management system written in PHP. It comes with a built-in SMS notifier extension. In order to use it with sms77 as a gateway, all you need to do is add a new file in your source code and select it as a gateway. We are going to show you how this is being done. It requires a little bit of IT knowledge and takes about ten minutes to complete.

Before starting, make sure that you have an sms77 account and API key. You will need it later on before you can send SMS.

Installing this plugin enables you to send SMS in Vtiger CRM via sms77.


Via Terminal

wget https://github.com/sms77io/vtiger/blob/master/Sms77.php -P /path/to/vtigercrm/modules/SMSNotifier/providers

Make sure to adjust the path for the last argument.


  1. Download the provider file from GitHub.
  2. Start your FTP client of choice and upload the file to /path/to/vtigercrm/modules/SMSNotifier/providers

Make sure to adjust the path to fit your installation.


Log in to your Vtiger administration dashboard.

Click on the SMS Notifier tab.
Click on the wrench icon and press Server configuration.
Click on New configuration and configure the details in the pop-up as described below.
Provider: Select sms77 from the provider dropdown.

Active: Check for activating the sms77 provider.

API Key: Retrieve it from your developer dashboard.

From: Optionally, set a sender which gets displayed as the message origin.

Finally save the form and enabled the sms77 provider for sending SMS.


Send SMS from the list view

Click on a module, e.g. contacts or organizations.

Select one or more record(s) by clicking on the checkbox in that row.

Click on Actions and click Send SMS in the dropdown menu.

Insert your text message content and click on Send.

[GitHub repo=”vtiger” lang=”en”]