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VeronaLabs specializes on WordPress plugin development and has integrated sms77 into their popular plugin WordPress SMS. The free version supports a lot of functionality already and is enough for most scenarios. The paid version offers even more functionality for a fair price.


  • SMS on new WordPress update
  • SMS on user registration
  • SMS on new comments
  • SMS on user login
  • Supports other plugins such as Contact form 7, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Supports WP Widget for newsletter subscribers
  • Supports WP hooks
  • Supports the REST API
  • Subscribers import/export
  • … and much more!
  • … and even more in the pro version


  1. Download the latest version as a *.zip from GitHub
  2. Unzip the archive to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Enable the plugin via the ‘Plugins’ menu item in WordPress

Usage Example

Send SMS manually

$to = ['mobile number'];
$text = "The desired message content";
$asFlash = true; // Defines if the message should be sent as a flash SMS.
wp_sms_send( $to, $text, $asFlash );


Actions define what should happen additionally when another function is being called.


Example: Send an additional email when sending SMS:

function send_mail_on_sms_dispatch($message_info) {
	wp_mail('recipient@ma.il', 'SMS dispatch', $message_info);
add_action('wp_sms_send', 'send_mail_on_sms_dispatch');


By using filters we can modify the submitted function parameters.


Example: Prefix the German country code to the sender ID:

function wp_sms_modify_sender($from) {
	return '+49' . $from;
add_filter('wp_sms_from', 'wp_sms_modify_sender');


Example: Append a signature to outgoing message:

function wp_sms_attach_signature($message) {
	return $message . ' /n Warm regards from sms77';
add_filter('wp_sms_msg', 'wp_sms_attach_signature');