VirtueMart is an open source extension for the Joomla! content management system and is free to use. With the help of the eCommerce solution you can easily create extensive webshops in Joomla! VirtueMart offers many different functions for different end users and can be extended by various components.

There are also numerous templates and plugins available for Joomla! itself, which can be used to change the appearance of your website and extend its functions. You can make use of extensive possibilities to personalize your online store according to your own ideas. With the seven plugin you can also send SMS directly from the user interface of your online store and make communication with your customers special and efficient.

Senden Sie SMS mit VirtueMart und sms77
Send bulk SMS to your customers via VirtueMart

The seven plugin for VirtueMart

Online stores benefit massively from effective communication and a strong marketing mix. Sending your customers an SMS when shipping their order is already a special service. However, SMS are practical helpers not only for shipping confirmations or payment reminders.

With the help of bulk SMS you can not only inform all your customers about changes at the same time, but also send them marketing SMS. The seven plugin for VirtueMart allows you to use these features in Joomla! without the need to log in to a separate account. Log in once, install, set up and you’re ready to go! Try it now.

Bulk SMS

  • If you want to send SMS to several recipients at the same time, you can use bulk SMS sending for this purpose. With our plugin for VirtueMart, you can filter by country and customer group. This way, you can effectively tailor your SMS dispatch to the respective recipients.


  • Send an SMS that is read aloud to your customers on the phone. This is not only convenient if your customers can’t read incoming SMS well. You can also send the voice messages to landline numbers, which means you can connect to customers who do not have cell phones.
Senden Sie Massen-SMS mit VirtueMart und Joomla

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