New sms77-Plugin for Sylius

We are expanding our service portfolio with a new eCommerce plugin. Sylius is still a young system. The first stable version has only been available since 2017. Nevertheless, Sylius, as an up-and-coming brand in eCommerce, is one of the systems for which we see great potential.

About Sylius

Sylius is one of the younger players in the field of eCommerce systems, having emerged from a cosmetic online trade. The company, based in Łódź, scores with a creative approach and a lot of enthusiasm for its own business. Its portfolio already includes major customers all over the world.

The shop system itself is comparable with PrestaShop and Shopware. The basic version is free of charge, although there is a premium version called Sylius Plus, which offers extended features and improved support. Whether this makes sense for your company depends mainly on the expected turnover. To adapt the shop to the needs of the user, there are a number of plugins that add additional functions. However, the number of available plugins is quite limited. This is mainly due to the young age of Sylius.

Also there are (so far) no priced plugins. It is therefore possible to set up a shop with Sylius without investing any money – although you must have a domain. The fact that Sylius is more oriented towards developers has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you need your own development team or external professionals for operation and adaptation. On the other hand, there are no limits to the customization options.

How to install the plugin

To use the sms77 plugin in addition to your online shop and the plugin itself, you need an sms77 account.

After you have installed Sylius, download the sms77 plugin as a .zip file. Unzip it into the same folder where you installed the shop. Then you have to make some adjustments in the Sylius files. Follow the installation instructions on GitHub and in the Readme file.

Afterwards you will find a new menu item “sms77” in the administrator section of your shop.

Send automated SMS from your Sylius shop

Before you get started, you need two more things. First you should top up your sms77 account with balance to send SMS. In order to avoid manual recharging in the future, we recommend that you set up automatic recharge. This will also prevent SMS from not being sent due to insufficient balance. You can set this up in your account under Finances.

Afterwards you have to enter your sms77 API key in the plugin. You can find it in your account under Settings -> HTTP API.

Sylius Plugin sms77

You can now, for example, set up an automatic confirmation SMS for sending the goods. For this you can freely choose the text. Further triggers for automated SMS can be activated by installing further plugins, or you can have your development team make an adjustment.


Sylius is a shop system for developers. On one hand that means that it is difficult to use without the appropriate knowledge. On the other hand it means unlimited possibilities for customization. If you are missing a function, you can add it yourself.

Our plugin, just as you know it from us, is easy to use and reliable. Furthermore, you have no additional costs for the use of the plugin. You only pay for the SMS you actually send.

Mit besten Grüßen
Ihr sms77 Team

Header picture by Kirill Smyslov via, edited.

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