The new sms77 plugin for PrestaShop

If you operate an online shop, you want to inform your customers quickly and reliably about all changes in the order process. A new invoice, receipt of payment, dispatch and delivery are the most common reasons for an important message. Wouldn’t it be great to send such a notification automatically via SMS? The new sms77 plugin for PrestaShop makes it easy and convenient.

A few lines about PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a free e-commerce system. Small and medium-sized companies in particular use it to set up an online shop. The functionality can be customized to personal needs by means of many modules. Some of these plugins and design templates are free, others (especially from third parties) cost money. These paid modules are not mandatory, it certainly is possible to build a successful shop for free.

What else you need

In addition to your online shop you need a sms77 account and of course the plugin itself. The best news is: you don’t have to pay anything to set up an account or for the plugin. For the dispatch of SMS you will of course need credit – more about our prices here.

The installation of the plugin is very easy: download the .zip archive. After unpacking the archive into the PrestaShop folder, subdirectory /modules/sms77_api, search the module manager for sms77 and click on “install”. Alternatively you can upload the .zip as admin in PrestaShop. You can also use Composer to install the Plugin. For this, follow the instructions on GitHub.

To use the plugin you have to insert your API key from sms77. You can set and copy this key in your sms77 account under Developer in the API key section.

Prestashop sms77 Plugin

How to use the Plugin

Congratulations, you can now send automatic SMS notifications to your customers from your PrestaShop store! In the module administration you can now set the events for which you want to activate or deactivate the SMS. You can also create an individual text for each event. Your customers will enjoy the fast and reliable service.

To ensure that you always have sufficient credit for automatic SMS transmission, we recommend that you set up an automatic recharge. You will find this function in your sms77 account under Finance. Define your desired balance, if you fall below that amount, the account will be automatically replenished with the sum of your choice. In this way you don’t have to worry about it and can focus fully on running your shop.

Update January 2020:

With the latest update to our Plugin we added two new functions, which you may already know from the sms77 webapp. In this way, Prestashop in combination with sms77 becomes even better for customer contact. For technical reasons, in order to use the update, you need to re-install the plugin.

Placeholders: you can now add placeholders to your messages. Through this functionality, you can address your customers by name. As personalized messages are becoming ever more important, such a function is an important step to increase customer loyalty. By including the order-ID you can ensure your customer knows what order the message is about.

Bulk SMS: Do you want to contact all your customers with a discount code? Are you planning a major update or a sale, about which you intend to inform your customers? Now you can use the new bulk SMS function of the plugin.

  • Individually adjustable

    Choose not only the trigger for an automatic SMS, but also an individual text. With the new placeholder function you can automatically include the customer’s name and the order ID as well.

  • Free Plugin

    Both the PrestaShop plugin and the setup of an sms77 account are free of charge. You only pay for actual sent sms, without any hidden fees.

  • Reliable Service

    SMS are not only the most popular way to notify customers, they are also more reliable than e-mail, for example. Almost every delivered sms is read, usually within a few minutes. This way, your customers are always informed about the status of their order on time.


PrestaShop offers you the simple means to build and operate a successful online shop. With our intuitive plugin you can extend your online shop with the capability to send fully automated SMS notifications to your customers, without any hidden costs. Setup and operation are simple, and you only pay for the SMS you send. Increase your customers’ satisfaction with the sms77 plugin for PrestaShop.

Best regards
Your sms77 team

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