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Shopware is among the most used eCommerce systems in Germany. If you’re running a German online shop, chances are, you’re using Shopware to run it. Now we’ve developed a plugin for Shopware version 5 that integrates our API into the system. This way, you can easily send automated SMS notifications from inside your webshop. 

About Shopware

Shopware can look back on a very successful history. Originally it was developed at a customer’s request. Currently, the sixth generation is commercially available. As with PrestaShop, you don’t have to invest any money to set up an online shop. The basic version is available free of charge. And each version is adaptable to the user’s needs through numerous plug-ins and extensions. Plugins are also available free of charge and for a fee. However, only the paid versions of Shopware have all plugins available. Whether you choose a paid or the free version depends strongly on the size of your online shop. Shopware is especially suitable for the German and European market.

How to setup and use the sms77 plugin for Shopware

After you have installed Shopware 5, you need a sms77 account and the plugin itself. Neither the setup of an account nor the plugin costs money. For the sending of SMS you need balance, of course. In order to be able to offer your customers a reliable SMS service, we recommend the use of an automatic recharge. Under the item Finances in your sms77 account you can configure it. Set a minimum credit, if you fall below it an amount of your choice will be automatically charged. This also saves you having to check regularly whether there is still sufficient credit available.

After you have downloaded the plugin as a .zip file, upload it in the administrator section of Shopware in the Plugin Manager. Then activate it in the settings. In order to link your accounts, you have to specify the sms77 API Key in the plugin. This can be set and copied in your sms77 account under Developer -> API Key. Now you can set for which events you want to send SMS to your customers and adjust the text according to your preferences.

Shopware Plugin Screenshot
  • Several triggers for automatic SMS selectable

    From order confirmation and payment reminders to tracking cancelled transactions, you can manage everything via SMS – reliably and individually adjustable.

  • Free plugin

    Neither the setup of a sms77 account nor the plugin itself costs money. All you need is credit to pay for the SMS you actually send. With an automatic recharge you prevent SMS not sent.


Shopware is an extensive and individually adaptable eCommerce system. It offers scalable functions that you can adapt to the size of your business. With the easy-to-use sms77 plugin you can add a reliable communication channel to your online shop. There are no hidden costs, you only pay for the actually sent SMS.

Best regards
Your sms77 team

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